Harcombe Farm

Our farm is located in the Willamette River bottom in Linn County, Oregon, between Albany and Corvallis, just off Riverside on Horseshoe Drive.  We are guided in our farming by a commitment to sustainability, local sourcing and selling, and environmental  responsibility.

Sustainability: We grow crops and livestock that are appropriate for the climate and soils of the Willamette Valley.  We grow most of our own crop seed.  We are working to create a diversified system that includes sheep grazing and extensive use of cover crops.  We use biodiesel in our tractor.  We use locally-produced organic fertilizers and are working towards minimizing fertilizer inputs through use of cover crops and crop rotation.

Subsistence:  Our goal is to grow and raise as much of our own food as is feasible, while producing cash crops as well.

Organic:  We use soil amendments and pesticides that are approved for organic production.  We use seeds that are untreated and locally produced, but not always certified organic.  We gained organic certification in 2016 (Stellar Certification Services).

Environmental responsibility &  stewardship:  Our goal is to leave the soil in better condition than we found it—more productive and free of the chemical residues that are the legacy of conventional farming.

Paul and Nonie Harcombe

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